52 Frog Leg Stretch

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Pelvic Imbalance.
Functional discrepancy in leg lengths.



Do this gently and get feedback.

This is an intensive stretch and should be done with caution with clients with hip problems.


Measure your client’s leg lengths by shaking out their legs and comparing the relative positions of their medial malleolus on either side.

Have your client bring their knees up, then move knees laterally and place their heels together so that their heels are on the table as close to their buttocks as possible.

Gently press downward on inside of your client’s knees asking for feedback. When you reach the limit of their comfort zone ask your client to slowly straighten their legs keeping their feet together for as long as they can. Keep the pressure on their knees to the limit of their comfort range for the duration of this stretch. After completing this shake out and remeasure.

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