39 Psoas PNF Stretch


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Stitching pain in inguinal area, pelvic torquing. Discrepancy in leg lengths.



Always have your clients hold their opposite knee to their chest to protect their low back.

Ask your clients to only press as strong as feels comfortable to them, you don’t want them straining or trying to overpower you.

Always allow the psoas to passively contract before stretching it further.



This technique is also known as “Proprioceptive Neuro- muscular Facilitation” or PNF stretching.

Have client in a position for testing the psoas, one knee to chest, one leg extended over edge of table. Place hand on knee of extended leg and press downward to gently stretch it as far as is comfortable for your client, (ask for feedback!).

Ask your client to press their knee upwards against your hand only as strong and as long as it feels comfortable, while you offer resistance to the upward movement. As your client lets go after this isometric contraction, allow the psoas to contract some by passively bringing their knee up. Then restretch their psoas slowly, asking for feedback, and note the increased range of motion. This may be done 3 times on each side.

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