44 Hamstring Stretch Stroke


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Tight hamstrings. 
Inability to touch toes with the legs straight. 
Low back pain. 

Ask for feedback and proceed slowly. 
Do not bounce with this stretch as it can tear the 
hamstring muscle or tendons. 
Do not do a hamstring stretch if there has been a 
recent hamstring strain (pull). 
Watch your body mechanics with this.  Avoid standing 
too far forward as you can strain your shoulder. 

Do the bent knee hamstring stretch as in the previous 

Maintain the stretch by holding the foot with one 
hand, then use your other forearm to stroke from the 
knee toward the hip. 

Which hand and forearm you use depends on factors 
such as the degree of stretch and the position you are 
in. Do what feels good for your own body mechanics.

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