45 Hamstring PNF Stretch

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The Hamstring PNF Stretch begins at 2 minutes 5 seconds into the video.


Tight hamstrings. Inability to touch toes with the legs straight.

Low back pain.



Ask for feedback and proceed slowly.

Do not bounce with this stretch as it can tear the hamstring muscle or tendons.

Do not do a hamstring stretch if there has been a recent hamstring strain (pull).

Be sure to allow the hamstring to contract passively before restretching it.



Do bent leg hamstring stretch with hands around client’s knee, client’s foot resting on your shoulder. Have client press their heel into your shoulder for as long and as hard as they feel comfortable, so long as they don’t overpower you.

When they relax allow the hamstrings to contract passively, then slowly stretch further and repeat. Finish by bring leg back down slowly and doing vibration.


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