24 Arms Overhead Stretch Stroke


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Tightness in chest.

Limited ROM in shoulders.



Stretch the arms cautiously and ask for feedback.

Some clients with limited range of motion may have pain when being stretched.

This technique can be difficult to do on clients larger than yourself. You may rock the client back and forth to get your hands up to the rhomboids.

Some women leaning over their clients may suffocate them. It may be better to do the one arm overhead stretch/stroke (#25).



With your client supine, stand at the head of the table and bring your client’s arms overhead, so that you’re standing between their arms.

Stroke from xyphoid process and lower ribs around side of body and under clients low back.

Get your fingers to almost meet at the lumbar spine. Lift up with your fingers while stroking the erector spinae muscles from the base of the spine all the way up to T1.

When your hands are in the thoracic area so that your fingertips are pressing up into the rhomboids, you can press medially and posteriorally on your client’s arms with your elbows.

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