30 Crossed Arm Stretch

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Limited range of motion in the neck, and for tension through back of the neck.


Be careful with this with any clients that have had a whiplash injury. If there is a loss of cervical lordosis forward flexion may aggravate their neck pain.

Follow this with the anterior posterior movement (technique #31) to help the cervical lordosis.


With your client supine slowly bring their chin to their chest. Cross your arm behind their neck and place your hands on their shoulder joints.

Press down on their shoulders while lifting your arms to bring their chin closer to their chest. Slowly lift your arm that is on top to roll your client’s head toward your hand.

Bring your client’s head back to the midline and while keeping your client’s head stretched forward switch arms by sliding your top arm out while taking up the slack with your bottom arm.

After switching arms roll your client’s head toward your other hand.

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