Hip Lift And Glide Variation

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Lift the client's ASIS with one hand while pressing into the spinous processes medially from the other side with your thumb.


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Karen Andrianatou commented on 27-Feb-2012 09:27 AM3 out of 5 stars
Q: When would it be most appropriate to use this technique?? I realize you are trying to create movement at each vertebral segment... how would this work with a client who is / or has suffered with a herniated disc and has ongoing sensitivity in this area? 
A: I would use this technique with clients with stiff backs who would like to get more mobility in the spine. If you are working with a chiropractor this technique can help to prepare someone for an adjustment. I would work cautiously if there is a herniated 
disc or sensitivity in the area. This work should always be pain free.

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