Torquing With Forearm

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This is a variation on a technique from the Deep Tissue Massage DVD called Torquing.

Sit on the table with your foot underneath you, off the edge of the table. Have your client's arm draped over your knee. Pull back and down (inferior & posterior) on your client's shoulder while pressing up (superior & anterior) on the opposite side of your client's spine. Press first with your hand, then the ulnar side of your forearm.

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Member Comments:

  • commented Tuesday 27th of January 2015 at 12:23:59PM

    Dr. Mally, what is the purpose of this technique for the Rhomboids? Especially since you are working the Opposite shoulder?

  • James M replied Wednesday 28th of January 2015 at 11:18:56PM

    This technique is not specific for the Rhomboids. It says Rhomboids in the lower left of the video because that is the previous video. This is a good stretch for the pecs and a nice twist to the back.