Pectoralis Major Variation

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With your client prone have them interlace their fingers behind their neck. Lift their elbows slowly toward the ceiling only as far as is comfortable. Have your client press their elbows to the floor using only 10% of their strength for 10 seconds. Then have them lift their elbows toward the ceiling and you assist them with the stretch at the end. Be sure to stay within your clients comfort range.

When the client lifts their elbows toward the ceiling they are engaging the opposing muscles (posterior deltoid, rhomboids). This utilizes the principle of reciprocal inhibition, and allows the pectoralis major to relax more.

I would like to thank Wes Barnett for this variation on the Pectoralis Major facilitated stretch. This variation allows for stretching lower and upper fibers of the pectoralis major.

March 21, 2016 - The video on this page was replaced with a better version.


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  • commented Thursday 24th of April 2014 at 1:58:08PM

    Love this variation! I have a client who wants this stretch each time I see her. She likes this variation the best as she is in a more relaxed position than the one I used before.