Psoas - Self Stretch


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Download a printable pdf file of this self-care technique here: Flexor Self Stretch.pdf


This shows a self-stretch for the psoas muscle. It utilizes the principle of Reciprocal Inhibition by engaging the glutes and hamstrings to inhibit the psoas muscle.

The psoas is a very important muscle to stretch because it gets shortened with prolonged sitting. A tight, shortened psoas can contribute to low back pain.


This is a great stretch for people that sit a lot. The hip flexors often get short and need stretching. This stretch can help with hip pain and low back pain.


Do not let your front knee be in front of your foot.


Start in a lunge position with one knee and one foot on the floor. While keeping your upper body upright slowly lift your back knee toward the ceiling. Hold for 2 seconds then slowly lower your knee to the floor. Repeat 2 - 3 times.

Tight hip flexors can inhibit the hip extensors, so after stretching the hip flexors it is helpful to strengthen the glutes. There is a glute strengthening exercise in the free section of the massage technique library.



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