Achilles Tendinitis


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Achilles tendonitis is rarely a true inflammation of the tendon. A better name for it is Achilles tendinopathy, since it is a degeneration of the tendon tissue with a loss of the normal fiber structure. 

Causes of achilles tendonitis include overuse or over training, overpronation, running up hills, weak calf muscles, and a change in running surface or shoes.

The classic way of working on this has been cross fiber work. I have found frictioning the tendon while stretching it, working in the direction of the tendon fibers works very well. Once the tissues are warmed up you can have the client do eccentric contraction of the gastrocnemius, soleus and achilles tendon. They can do this against your resistance, or by using a step stool. The eccentric contraction will help to realign the fibers in the tendon, providing lasting relief.

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