Hamstring Strain Update


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This video shows a newer way of working with hamstring strains, using multidirectional friction instead of cross fiber work. The multidirectional friction is followed by eccentric contraction of the muscle, using no more force than can be resisted by two fingers. When eccentric contraction can be done pain free you can gradually increase the resistance. The multidirectional friction helps to break up adhesions in the connective tissue, then the eccentric contraction helps to realign the collagen fibers in a parallel direction with the muscle fibers.

When working with hamstring strains it it important to release and lengthen the Quadriceps muscle group first. If the quads are tight it will cause the hamstrings to be weak, lengthened and inhibited through reciprocal inhibition. By relaxing the quads the hamstrings can return to a normal resting position.

This is an update to the original video on hamstring strain in the Sports Massage DVD

This work was developed from the teachings of James Wasalaski.

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