Iliotibial Band Tightness 2


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This video shows techniques for working on freeing the fascia around the iliotibial band, and lengthening the muscles that tighten the band.

The fascia of the IT band may be tight on either the anterior or posterior aspects of the band. You can palpate the band and feel how easily it moves anterior and posterior. If there is a limitation in anterior movement you can work out fascial adhesions on the posterior aspect of the band to free it. If there is a limitation in posterior movement look for fascial adhesions in the anterior aspect of the band.

The muscles that pull on the IT Band are the Tensor Fascia Lata, and the Gluteus Maximus. Lengthening of those muscles is done in a sidelying position, with the bottom knee toward the chest, and the top leg off the edge of the table. As the leg is hanging you can face your clients feet and work into the TFL with your proximal forearm, and the gluteus maximus with the heel of your other hand. Press in an inferior direction to traction the hip, then have your client slowly rotate their leg externally and internally. This puts a stretch on the muscles, as the TFL rotates the leg internally and the Gluteus Maximus rotates it externally.


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