Flexor Retinaculum

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Place your thumbs opposite each other at the middle of the flexor retinaculum, then have your client abduct and adduct their fingers as you slowly spread your thumbs apart. Pull on the retinaculum as your client is spreading their fingers, then stop as they bring their fingers back together.

There are nine tendons and the median nerve that pass under the flexor retinaculum. Spreading the fingers helps separate the tendons and stretch the retinaculum from underneath as you are stretching it from above. 

Caution: Do not do this if the area has signs of inflammation - redness, swelling, heat and pain. All work needs to be pain free. 

For clients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I like to work the entire path of the nerve, starting at the nerve roots from C5 to T1, working the scalene muscles, pectoralis minor, pronator teres, etc. The work on the flexor retinaculum is good to use in addition to working on the rest of the nerve pathway. 

I am grateful to James Waslaski for sharing this in his Orthopedic Massage workshops. www.orthomassage.net


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