Piriformis Stretch Hand On ASIS

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This is a variation on the Piriformis PNF Stretch in the Sports Massage DVD. This stretch is even more specific in isolating the piriformis by holding the ASIS to keep the hip from coming up off the table.

Pleace your clients foot opposite their other knee, then press their knee away from you while pressing down on their ASIS.

PNF Stretch:
With the client in the stretch position, have your client press their knee laterally into your hand using 20% of their strength for 10 seconds. Then have them try to stretch further by bringing their knee more medial. You can assist them with this at the end of the stretch.

Some clients will feel a stitching pain in the area of the inguinal ligament when stretched this way. This is an indication they need their psoas stretched. Psoas stetches can be found on the Psoas page.

Thanks to Robert Hall for showing me this stretch.

Member Comments:

  • Steve P commented Thursday 4th of February 2016 at 3:54:30PM

    I'm an acupuncturist, and usually needles are sufficient for relieving piriformis tightness, but at times a patient can over-react to the needling and there will be a rebound tightening of the piriformis, particularly if the are older and deficient in qi, yin or blood, Chinese diagnostic categories. I have found that performing this stretch after a treatment keeps this reaction from occurring, and I believe that it also works well with acupuncture in insuring a very good release of the piriformis.