11. Muscle Strain Treatment

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Anytime you are testing range of motion or doing a PNF stretch and a client reports pain, it may be because of a muscle strain. With a muscle strain usually they will be able to point to a very specific location with one finger.

To work with a muscle strain you must first soften the tissues with multidirectional friction. Work with your fingertips pressing into the tissues going in all directions for 20 seconds. Follow that with eccentric contraction of the muscle - have your client hold a contraction, then apply a stretch to the muscle using just two fingers. The client should resist your attempt to stretch the muscle, but they should let you win. You can do this eccentric contraction with increasing resistance, provided it is pain free. 

The multidirectional friction softens scar tissue, and the eccentric contraction helps to align all the fibers in a parallel direction.

This work is adapted from the Orthopedic Massage work of James Waslaski. More information may be found at www.orthomassage.net

This video is part of a series of techniques in a protocol for Pelvic Stabilization

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