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Stuart Taws 
1 reviews
Dealing with the world of sports injuries and pain there is not one therapy that works for everyone - not one. The more experienced you are, the more modalities you should learn, and even if you believe that you know a certain therapy, it is always beneficial to watch a trained instructor demonstrate how he works. We may have learned a technique at school and think we know what it is about, but perhaps we need to know more. This is where Dr. James Mally's Massage Videos are an absolute necessity. They give the best overview of Sports Massage Techniques available today. The quality of the presentation using computer graphics is excellent. Dr. Mally's vast knowledge of the subject shines through making this an easy to watch and edifying experience. Highly recommended. Stuart Taws Developer and innovator of Soft Tissue Release Training British Sports Therapy P.O. Box 2252 Garden Grove, CA 92842 714-539-9351

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