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With your client lying on their side and their arm 
draped over your forearm, press your fingertips in to 
the rhomboids near their origin which is on the spinous 
processes of C7 to T5. 

Bring your client’s arm down toward the floor as they 
reach toward the floor. Stroke deeply with your fingertips 
toward the insertion of the rhomboids along the medial 
border of the scapula.


Member Comments:

Bob Hall commented on 13-Oct-2009 07:34 AM  5 out of 5 stars

everybody needs stress relief and this is the cat's meow for getting to the levator scapulae as well as the rotatores/multifidus, and levator musculature of the spine. the release of compression on the vertebrae also reduces peripheral nerve compression. 

Ann commented on 13-Dec-2009 05:17 PM   5 out of 5 stars

I work at a rehab clinic for auto injury and slip and falls and all I have is 12 minutes to treat the patient. I've been looking for dvd's to train me on soft tissue injuries and this seems like the best one. Thank you for the demos and great idea of the monthly. 

Donale C commented about a year ago

Amazing!!! I did this on my partner who has chronic pain. She was pain free for 4 hrs. The first time in 10 years. Today which is a week later, she still has far less pain. Thank you James.


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