Tibialis Anterior

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Move your knuckles slowly up the tibialis anterior (just 
lateral to the tibia) while plantarflexing and dorsiflexing 
your client’s foot. 

After your client does this as a passive movement, you 
can do this technique while they actively stretch their 
tibialis anterior by plantarflexing and dorsiflexing their 
ankle. Use of their gastrocnemius and soleus to plantar- 
flex will help the tibialis anterior to relax by reciprocal 

You may notice as you move your knuckles up the tibialis 
anterior that the movement is easy when the muscle is 
stretching, and becomes more difficult when the muscle 
is contracting. It is good to go with this and move your 
knuckles as the tissues allow you to (when the tibialis 
anterior is stretching).

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