Gluteus Medius


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Referred Pain Pattern

Trigger points in the gluteus medius will be found all along the iliac crest. When active they may refer pain around the low back, sacrum , iliac crest and gluteal areas.

While pressing into the trigger point with your thumb, bring your client’s knee out to the side and position their leg so that they do not feel any pain in the trigger point. Once the best position is found, you can add compression by pressing your thigh into the knee, pressing toward the trigger point. Do not add the compression until you have found the best position. Hold for 30 - 90 seconds, or until you feel a release, then bring your client back to a neutral position while continuing to hold the trigger point, and ask your client how it feels.

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    Love this trigger points work. It works for me!
    Thank you for your work and your technic.