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Referred Pain Pattern

Trigger points in the hamstrings may be found from the middle toward the distal ends of the three hamstring muscles. Active trigger points in the semimembranosis or semitendonosis may refer pain to the upper posterior thigh, and to a lesser extent down the posterior thigh and calf. Active trigger points in the biceps femoris will refer pain to the back of the knee and the posterior thigh (shown here).

While pressing into the trigger point with your thumb, flex your client’s knee. Find the position where your client does not feel any pain in the trigger point. Usually this will be with the foot directly over the point. Finding the best position may be compared to finding the right gear with a stick shift. Hold for 30 - 90 seconds, or until you feel a release, then bring your client back to a neutral position while continuing to hold the trigger point, and ask your client how it feels.

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