Wrist And Finger Extensors


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The video for the extensors begins at 1 minute 7 seconds into this clip. I plan on filming this technique again as the camera angle was not good for showing what I am doing. This picture below shows the technique better.



Wrist & Finger Extensors – Pain Pattern

Trigger points may be found in any of the wrist and finger extensors.When active, they typically will refer pain down the posterior forearm and onto the back of the hand. Trigger points in the extensors are often an aggravating factor in tennis elbow.

Wrist & Finger Extensors – Treatment

While pressing into the trigger point with your thumb, extend your client’s elbow and wrist and either pronate or supinate their forearm to find the position where there is no pain in the trigger point. Hold for 30 - 90 seconds, or until you feel a release, then bring your client back to a neutral position while continuing to hold the trigger point, and ask your client how it feels.

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