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Bill Flocco 
1 reviews
It is rare to find a massage video that gives a solid foundation to the beginner, while at the same time successfully equips the veteran massage practitioner with invaluable insights and techniques. Swedish Massage with Dr. James Mally does both, and more. In his gentle, yet very knowledgeable way, Mally takes us on an intriguing, well-designed and well-presented journey through the massage therapy session. In a logical, well-thought-out routine, we learn preliminaries to the massage session, efficient use of the massage table, tactful draping of the client, an entire full-body therapeutic massage routine, finishing touches, and a brief introduction to deep-tissue massage. Demonstrating on a live model, Mally describes each technique, while explaining the reasons for each stroke and the most effective ways to do them. He then demonstrates what he just showed us, incorporating soothing background music, in order to give us a feel for the flow of that part of the routine. At appropriate stages throughout this video, Mally shows both effective and less-effective ways of doing some techniques. His cautions, if taken seriously, can help prevent body mechanic problems or injuries that a lot of massage therapists develop with their thumbs, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and spine. By applying techniques correctly, Mally points out that a practitioner should be able to do massage therapy all day long. Veteran massage practitioners will be grateful for the numerous techniques presented along with pointers for optimal effectiveness. Here they will gain insight into how to preserve their energy and be much kinder to their own bodies while giving a revitalizing massage. As effective as this video is, it is always advisable to have formal training in a classroom setting. However, Mally's video is the next best thing to classroom instruction. I strongly recommend Swedish Massage with Dr. James Mally for anyone who would like to have a well-rounded massage video library. Bill Flocco Massage Magazine March/April 1999 BUY NOW!

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