Gall Bladder 34

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Gall Bladder 34 is anterior and distal to the head of the fibula. It is on the fascial line between the anterior and lateral compartments of the calf. The anterior compartment contains the Tibialis Anterior, Extensor Hallicus Longus, and Extensor Digitorum Longus. The lateral compartment contains the Peroneus Longus and Brevis. The lateral compartment is part of the lateral line in Tom Myers Anatomy Trains.

You can feel this fascial line by pressing into it with your fingers then alternately plantarflexing and dorsiflexing your ankle. When you plantarflex you will feel the peroneus longus contract, and when you dorsiflex you will feel the tibialis anterior and extensor digitorum longus contract. You can follow this line down your calf, feeling the muscles on either side of it alternately contracting and relaxing. Several other points in the gall bladder meridian are along this fascial line.

You can also feel this line while alternately inverting and everting your ankle. Tibialis anterior inverts the ankle, while peroneus longus everts the ankle, so you can feel the muscles alternately contracting and relaxing as you invert and evert your ankle. 


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