Resistance Release Lower Extremity


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This video shows ways Resistance Release work can be applied with the lower extremity. The focus of this video is a demonstration of the different vectors that can be used with Resistance Release work.

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Time Code for Resistance Release – Lower Extremity

0:00    Introduction
7:40    Table height, Grounding
9:59    Observations, Exploration of Movement
13:57    Rotation – Right Leg 
                   resist external rotation
                   resist internal rotation
20:20    Ankle tracking
                   dorsiflesion – resist plantarflexion
                   plantarflexion – resist dorsiflexion
28:15    Toe Flexion
                   resist flexion, extension
36:18    Homework
                   flex toes, dorsiflex ankle
                   extend toes, plantarflex ankle
44:00    Homework – both feet 
48:05    Traction leg – hip hike
58:25    Compress Leg – push down
1:01:35    Homework – “marching” push pull of hips
1:05:17    Ankle deviation – inversion and eversion
1:11:47    Ankle deviation – right foot
1:14:38    Ankle deviation – both ankles
1:16:00    Hip abductors
1:18:29    Hip adductors
1:21:57    Hip abduction and adduction – right leg
1:27:33    Hip and knee extension against resistance
1:29:38    Hip and knee extension – right leg
1:33:55    Client prone – rocking, lengthening
1:36:25    Push right pelvis up – engage quadratus lumborum
1:41:25    Quadriceps – extend knee against resistance, eccentric contraction
1:46:44    Quadriceps – left leg
1:49:20    Rocking to low back
1:52:23    Hamstrings
1:55:45    Hamstrings – left leg
2:00:22    Psoas
2:04:54    Psoas – left leg
2:05:38    Contrast of Resistance Release with PNF Stretch
2:10:50    Client standing, bent over table
2:12:30    Lift with coccyx – hip flexion
2:13:30    Client standing – swaying side to side
2:15:50    Explanation with muscle chart

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  • Penny M commented Saturday 25th of October 2014 at 1:38:00PM

    I am not able to get audio on this video.

  • James M replied Wednesday 29th of October 2014 at 5:57:37PM

    I checked and there is audio with this video. Please check the sound settings on your computer. You may also try viewing it with a different web browser.

  • commented Wednesday 18th of September 2013 at 1:16:49PM

    great video and demonstration!!!