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  • Anatomy Workshop

    Excellent class – helped me so much with the understanding of muscles – Dr. Mally kept it interesting – so knowledgeable

    Barbara Faulkner – Arnold, CA

  • Anatomy Workshop

    You've been the best instructor I've ever had. The way you teach makes it very easy to understand. I love the way you used the slide show (with humor by the way), and the way we use clay to put on the skeleton and then to actually find the muscle on the person. It made it stick in my mind way easier then to read it out of a book.

    Raeann Rodr – Arnold, CA

  • Anatomy Workshop

    Best class ever!!

    AJ Ames – Napa, CA

  • Anatomy Workshop

    Dr. Mally kept the information relevant and interesting. He has a great sense of humor.

    AJ Ames – Napa, CA

  • Anatomy Workshop

    He used several different types of tools to learn with. Wonderful!

    Tammy Sandberg – St. Helena, CA

  • Anatomy Workshop

    I was amazed and very impressed by this teacher. I would take any class he would teach.

    Elizabeth Forester - Novato, CA

  • Anatomy Workshop

    Everything in Dr. Mally’s classes is important! From the formal “content” to his stories of his experiences and practice. It’s all so valuable and practical.

    Patty Carpenter - Glen Allen, VA

  • Anatomy Workshop

    An absolutely amazing class. I loved it. The body is so fascinating.

    Michele Steinert – Santa Rosa, CA

  • Anatomy Workshop

    I didn’t realize how much work on the muscles would be done. I expected just palpation, it was great! Although I have been doing this work for more than 10 years, it now seems like I have a different sense of the tissue when working, I know it has improved my work, very glad to have attended the workshop.

    Brenda Burrows - Menomonee Falls, WI
  • Deep Tissue Massage Workshop

    Best massage CEU I have ever taken. After taking your course, I slowed down my stroke; I can give a deeper massage with most people because of the slower strokes. AND, my business has increased because of this change. Thank you very much.

    Laurie Lee - Washington, DC

  • Sports Massage Workshop

    Thank you! I have learned more than I expected. I really enjoyed your hands on teaching technique. Your demeanor was pleasant and candid. I look forward to seeing you again.

    Sadie L. Hillson – Boone, Iowa
  • Sports Massage Workshop

    James is an amazing instructor – fast pace = no boredom. :-)

    Cheri Zepp - Juneau, Alaska

  • Sports Massage Workshop

    1 million thankyous! This was wonderful!!

    Nikki Enfield - Alexandria, VA
  • Sports Massage Workshop

    Great workshop, very informative. I hope to be able to allow the information to integrate into my practice quickly. Much gratitude!

    Deanna Kay – Tahoe City

  • Massage Cupping Workshop

    It gave me new ways to help my clients and the added bonus of saving my hands. It sucked so good!

    Dawn Hay - Bondurant, IA


Deane Juhan may be best known as the author of Job's Body: A Handbook for Bodywork – which many consider the essential text on the means, methods, uses, and deeply personal applications of what has come to be known as "bodywork" – a vast, sophisticated series of modalities and techniques that take massage to the level of personal transformation at its greatest expression, profound emotional release and reintegration at its most basic core.

First trained in Esalen massage, he developed a private practice and led workshops in massage as well as seminars in anatomy and physiology for bodyworkers. In 1976 he met Dr. Milton Trager, founder of the Trager Institute for Psychophysical Integration, and has been a practitioner and instructor of the TRAGERWork® approach ever since. He is on the faculty of the Northern California Trager Institute and has developed a series of workshops in dynamic anatomy and in Trager® Bodywork for bodyworkers and therapists of all kinds, which he conducts all over the United States, in Canada and in Europe.

If you would like to have a workshop with Deane Juhan in your area please call 925-386-0131, or email to More information about Deane may be found on his website at



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