Massage Technique Library
with Dr. James Mally

I am indebted to James Waslaski for his teaching of incredibly effective techniques, and for his permission for me to share these techniques with my videos showing my interpretation of his work. This work has changed my practice and I am getting lasting results with my clients.

It is always better to learn from the source, so I highly recommend his Orthopedic Massage Workshops, DVDs, and the book "Clinical Massage Therapy", all available at

I welcome feedback and questions on any of the techniques. I especially welcome feedback and critiques from any library members who have studied with James Waslaski, so that I can improve upon what I show here.

Pelvic Stabilization is at the core of orthopedic massage work, and should be done first in order for other work to be more effective

The Massage Technique Library was recently rebuilt from the ground up. The new library is much faster and more secure than the previous versions. There is an improved search function, and an enhanced comment system. Soon there will be a way to save your favorite techniques in a favorites menu. 

The library is currently free and open to the public, so please check it out while you can. No login or registration is necessary.

Soon the library will once again be for members only, with the exception of the free section. 

We are not raising the price, so membership will continue to be only $7 per month or $72 per year. There will be a way to sign up for the library on May 10th. Current library members will have access to the library without signing up again but may need to reset their password.

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I hope you enjoy the new library, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

James Mally