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"Every massage therapist should be using this reference." - Erik Dalton

"I find your library invaluable in my practice, and the best tool that I have found for massage techniques."  Dan Cortright - Sonoma, CA

"My clients enjoy that I can demonstrate what I plan to do to treat them.  I visit the Massage Library on my phone or tablet and let them watch the video with me so they are better prepared to participate.  Being able to do this has been especially helpful with some of my elder clients with Bicipital Tendon issues.  I love that I can refresh techniques at the push of a button."  - Lauren McLachlan, CMT -- Roseville, CA 

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The mission of the Massage Technique Library is to aid therapists in helping their clients by providing a forum for the exchange and evaluation of massage techniques.

My vision for the Massage Technique Library is to have an ever-expanding variety of massage techniques organized and linked with relevant anatomy and physiology. I want it to be a place where therapists learn valuable techniques, comment about techniques, and benefit from the comments of others. 

Why sign up for the library instead of buying the DVDs?

  • You get instant access to over 500 techniques, with new techniques being added frequently.

  • The library has up to date information including:

    • Variations on techniques
    • Many new techniques exclusive to the library
    • Member comments and ratings of techniques

  • The library is continually growing.
  • You can ask questions about any technique using the comment form on each page.

  • You can benefit from other therapists comments about techniques.

  • No advertising - except for some pages about my DVDs

Sign up now for a monthly membership! We will bill your credit card $7 for the membership and you will have instant access to all the videos in the library. You can sign up with PayPal or with a credit card. Your account will be charged $7 every month, on the same day of each month. If you sign up on January 3rd, your account would be charged on February 3, March 3, etc. If you then canceled your membership on January 5th, you would still have access to the library through February 3 with no further charges to your PayPal account or credit card.

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We now have a mobile web app for the library that works with smart phones and tablets! For the iphone and ipad you need to install system iOS 8.3 or later. Go to the bottom of this page and click on the link for Mobile Web App Instructions to learn how to install it.


In this library you will have access to videos demonstrating many massage techniques, including all of the information from my five DVDs (Swedish MassageDeep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Side Lying Massage, and Massage Cupping), Resistance Release and Trager Bodywork techniques from Deane Juhan (the author of Job's Body), and techniques from Aaron Mattes' DVDs Active Isolated Stretching - Active Stretching and Active Isolated Stretching - Assisted Stretching. The library also has many exclusive techniques not on any DVD. You will gain instant access to new techniques as well as new information that will be added in response to requests from users like you. The techniques are organized in different ways, making it easy to find specific techniques, and to find techniques for specific muscles or areas. Techniques are also linked to related techniques.

When you "check out" techniques from the library you will have the opportunity to comment on them, and to read the comments of others who have used the techniques. 

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Massage Library Features

  • Over 500 pages
  • Over 500 techniques
  • Updated frequently 
  • Find techniques quickly
  • Preview techniques before selecting them
  • Techniques are organized by type of technique and by muscle group
  • Techniques are linked to related techniques
  • Rate the techniques
  • Comment on techniques
  • Ask questions about techniques and get answers
  • Read comments by other therapists - learn from their experience
  • Yearly members get a 20% discount on DVDs and workbooks at
  • Access everything for only $7 per month, cancel anytime

Why is the library so inexpensive?

The business model for the library is to have many subscribers paying small amounts monthly. There are many expenses for building, maintaining, promoting, and hosting this library. The only way it can work is to have many subscribers. Your subscription will not only benefit you, but will help support the library and benefit the entire library community as well. You can help to keep the library open and available to everyone by joining the library today.

Are you new to massage?

Start with the Swedish Massage Pages. I would not recommend the Deep Tissue or Sports Massage Techniques unless you have a background in massage. 

Are you a massage therapist?

Start with the Deep Tissue or Sports Massage techniques. If you are familiar with these from my DVDs you may wish to check out the new techniques section. 

The library has preview pages and technique pages. The preview pages have looping video clips of the techniques. If a technique looks interesting you can click on it and go to a page where you will see full video of the technique, my comments and members comments and ratings of the technique. As a member you can submit your own comments and ratings of the techniques as well. 

I have more content to add to the library and plan on continually refining it. If you have ideas for me please use a comment form or email me at

If you have techniques you would like to share, please feel free to submit videos to me at It does not have to be high quality, even a cell phone video can work. If it is something that can be used in the library I will re-shoot it and post it. I will give you credit if I use it, and also a few months free use of the library.

It has been said that “tools do not a master make.”  This library is a collection of tools. How you use the tools depends upon your approach.

There is another saying, “If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” I hope that with the tools you get from this library will give you more options so that you will be able to help your clients to live pain free. Please let me know how you use these tools, and give feedback so other therapists can benefit from your experience.

Thank you,

James Mally, N.D.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

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You may cancel your subscription to the Massage Technique Library at any time. No refunds are given to monthly members, but access to the library can continue until the end of the time paid for. For instance if you subscribe on June 5th, and have an automatic payment occur on July 5th, then later cancel your subscription on July 15th, you will not get a refund of the July 5th payment. You will however have access to the library until August 5th, and no further payments will be charged.
Yearly Members

You may cancel your subscription to the Massage Technique Library at any time. A refund of your payment will be given if requested within 30 days after the annual billing. Payment reminders are emailed to members within 30 days of the annual billing.



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