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Disc 1

We are happy to welcome Ralph Stephens as a contributor to the Massage Technique Library. The videos in this section are from his DVD “Medical Massage for the Abdominal Wall”.

Ralph R. Stephens has been a massage therapist specializing in medical and sports massage for 32 years. Most recently he has been practicing and teaching a new system called Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT).  He has been teaching continuing education seminars internationally since 1992. His DVD series presents the hands-on routines he has taught to thousands of therapists worldwide in his sports and medical massage CE classes. He lives in Coralville, Iowa,  where he maintains a private clinical practice focused on athletes and people in pain. He has one daughter and three grandchildren, practices Yoga, meditation and golf. His lifelong goal has been to help people feel better. As an instructor, he helps people like you to help more people feel better. Now you can view these DVD’s in the Library as part of your membership.
Ralph is a 2008 Inductee into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame
2017 AFMTE/Bio-Freeze-Bon Vital Teacher of the Year
2018 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Study with this award-winning instructor to enhance your hands-on and intellectual skills – check out his programs in the library. We will be adding more programs as time goes on.
You can purchase your own copies of Ralph’s DVD’s and see his seminar teaching schedule at his website:
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