Massage Technique Library
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The Massage Technique Library is a video education collection of techniques for massage therapists and bodyworkers. Dr. James Mally envisioned an online resource for massage therapists to exchange and evaluate techniques. The content is organized and linked with relevant anatomy and physiology to make it easier to search for information.

Dr. Mally is a massage therapist, teacher, and educational content producer with over four decades of experience. He began doing massage professionally in 1976 and teaching massage classes in 1979. 
Massage schools and businesses around the globe use Dr. Mally's DVDs and workbooks to educate therapists. In Australia, his DVDs are used by a chain of massage schools. His Side-Lying Massage DVD has been translated into Japanese and is also part of schools' curriculum in Japan. 

Dr. Mally founded and directed Healing Arts Institute, a California-state approved massage school. He directed the school for 21 years, then sold it in 2011 to create more time for private practice, travel, and teaching. He now sees clients at his office in Roseville, California, and leads workshops in the U.S. and abroad. 

Three of the main teachers and modalities include are:

DVDs are difficult to update, so new information is added to the library first. More content is being added all the time!

The Massage Library offers:

  • Everything in Dr. Mally's DVDs plus much new information not on any DVD
  • Instant access. Connect immediately to 500 techniques, with more being added all the time.
  • Exclusive content. Insider tips and tricks you’ll only find online, including info you can share with massage clients.
  • Real time updates. Stay up to date on new ideas techniques. As Dr. Mally learns, you’ll learn too!
  • Community knowledge. Practitioners can rate and review massage techniques and share their own learnings, and ask Dr. Mally questions.

New video content is added when we find techniques and approaches worth sharing, typically every month or two.

Text content is updated much more frequently, answering members questions and refining descriptions of techniques.

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Study the techniques in the Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage modalities first, then build from there. You can also learn by reading comments and interacting with other community members.


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Absolutely! Please use the comments and ratings for each video. You can ask Dr. Mally or the community questions on specific techniques that way. Or, you can also send an email to Dr. Mally at

The Massage Technique Library was recently rebuilt from the ground up. The new library is much faster and more secure than the previous versions. There is an improved search function, and an enhanced comment system. Soon there will be a way to save your favorite techniques in a favorites menu. 

The library is currently free and open to the public, so please check it out while you can. No login or registration is necessary.

Soon the library will once again be for members only, with the exception of the free section. 

We are not raising the price, so membership will continue to be only $7 per month or $72 per year. There will be a way to sign up for the library on May 10th. Current library members will have access to the library without signing up again but may need to reset their password.

With the rebuilding of over 800 interlinked pages with video content, there are bound to be some errors and glitches. Please let us know of any problems or concerns by using our contact form here. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoy the new library, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

James Mally