Sports Massage – Des Moines, Iowa – April 2 & 3, 2022


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Sports Massage with Dr. James Mally

April 2 & 3, 2022
Saturday & Sunday
9 am – 6:00 pm
16 hours  $340  ($320 + $20 materials)

Everybody can benefit from sports massage techniques, whether they are athletes or not. You can apply what you learn to any muscle in the body, by combining knowledge of the techniques with a good understanding of anatomy. In this workshop, we will:

• Compare and contrast various modalities used in sports massage
• Discuss the indications and cautions for each technique
• Show evaluation and treatment options for many common conditions
• Explain how sports massage techniques may be applied to the entire body


• PNF Stretching
• Facilitated Stretching
• Reciprocal Inhibition
• Multidirectional Friction
• Soft Tissue Release
• Trigger Point and Counterstrain • Resistance Release


• Hamstring strain
• Rotator cuff tear
• Tennis elbow
• Golfer’s elbow
• Iliotibial band friction syndrome
• “Shin splints”
• Achilles tendonitis
• And more!

Please wear athletic attire for this workshop.

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