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About Dr. Mally

Dr. James Mally is a massage teacher, educational content producer, and creator of He has been doing massage professionally since 1976 and teaching massage classes since 1979. His initial training was a 1000-hour massage program at Lindsey Hopkins School in Miami. He later attended Bastyr University in Seattle where he graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor in 1984.

In 1990 he founded Healing Arts Institute, a California state-approved massage therapy school. He owned and directed the school until 2011, and graduated over 3000 massage therapists during that time.

He produced his first massage video, Deep Tissue Massage, in 1996. The video employed a 3-D computer skeleton and is believed to be the first massage video to use 3-D computer graphics. He went on to produce other videos (now DVDs) and workbooks on Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Side Lying Massage, and Massage Cupping. These DVDs and workbooks are being used in massage schools worldwide. His Side Lying Massage DVD has been translated into Japanese and is very popular in Japan.

Dr. Mally sold his massage school in 2011 so he could have more time to see massage clients and to develop, practice, and refine massage techniques. He operates a teaching practice where he works with massage therapists and their problem clients, sharing assessment techniques and strategies to help the clients. Selling the school also allowed Dr. Mally to travel more to teach his workshops internationally, do more DVD production, and to develop an online massage library at

Dr. Mally is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Provider #451329-10

Dr. Mally was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2018.

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Side Lying Massage – Anamosa, Iowa

Each client is unique. Whether it’s because of a specific body type, pregnancy, or a health condition, being face down (“prone”) for a massage isn’t always comfortable.

Side lying massage expands your options for those clients. You can incorporate side lying techniques into all of your sessions!

Clients enjoy the stretching and feeling of elongation from side lying massage – they’ll often ask for it again in the future.

Gain a New Perspective

The reason side lying massage is effective for all body types is because it’s a new angle that allows for deeper work.

Thinking of the body as a pancake that needs to be “flipped” midway through a session is a mistake. Therapists aren’t just limited to working on the front and back! Bodies are three-dimensional structures that should be worked on from different perspectives.

The workshop will show you exactly how to do that and more.

Expand Your Toolbox

You’ll learn how to:

Give a flowing side lying massage
Apply targeted techniques to the shoulders, low back, and hips
 Use proper draping and bolsters
 Integrate side lying work into relaxation massage

Optimize Learning with a How-To Guide

How many times have you taken a class and forgotten part of it after you left? We want these skills to stick!

You’ll receive a workbook with photos and details of the techniques. The workbook will help with learning the concepts in class, and it also makes it easier to review the techniques afterward.

Download a flyer to post at your workplace or share with your colleagues


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