April 9, 2018

1 Erector Spinae


Tension or pain on either side of the spine
Excessive kyphosis or lordosis


Go slow!
If your client has an excessive lordosis use a pillow under the abdomen to reduce their lordotic curve.
If your client has scoliosis use your other hand to guide your elbow so you don’t run your elbow into the spinous processes.
Go lighter over the thoracic area if there is a “dishing” of the thoracic vertebrae where some of the vertebrae are anterior. (See Pottenger’s Saucer.)


Using your elbow or the flat part of your forearm work slowly up the erector spinae muscles and over the upper trapezius on the side closest to you. Have your other hand resting on your client’s shoulder or cupped around your elbow to feel the client’s spinous processes to help guide your elbow.

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  1. I’ve always been pretty nervous about using the sharp part of my elbow. The way you’ demonstrated though-and I’ve tried it out- I feel more in control.

    My only problem is that I do slip off of the erectors at times. Any tips on how to prevent that?

    Thanks for this educational video.

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