April 9, 2018

16 Meltdown


Tightness in erector spinae muscles.
This works the erector spinae muscles deeply while they are being stretched.



Don’t use a stool with wheels!

Don’t do this with a client sitting on the edge of a portable table as the table may tip over.

If your client has a scoliosis follow the curve of the spine so that you don’t run into the spine with your elbow.

Know where the sacrum is so you don’t run into it with your elbows.



Have client sitting either on their heels, on a bench, or sideways on a chair.

Kneel or stand behind client with your elbows on either side of the spine next to C7.

Have client bend forward slowly from the top, one vertebrae at a time, until their head is between their knees.

Follow with your elbows pressing into the erector spinae down to the sacrum. your client’s leg at the hip and pull towards you while at the same time pressing with your outside hand on the side of the spine opposite you going from L5 to T1.

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