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Ariel McPherson Testimonial

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This was recorded on February 19, 2020, at Competitor’s Edge Massage in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Ariel McPherson attended my Sports Massage and Massage Cupping classes in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and helps me as a Teaching Assistant with continuing education classes at Black Brook School of Massage in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Ariel had a spinal cord injury at the level of T12 on August 19, 2019. She has been making an amazing recovery since her surgery with the help of massage and cupping.

Here are x-rays of her back before and after surgery:


ARP Wave Therapy

In the video, Ariel talked about receiving ARP Wave Therapy. Information about it can be found here:


Massage Cupping

I asked Ariel how she performed the cupping and this is her response:

“I began by using them every evening on myself, hips down. I used active movement cupping with my knee typically bent up to allow me to reach every muscle group on my legs. In the beginning, I could not apply movement with my legs due to lake of muscle function.
Massage therapy itself began well before that. When I was in the hospital for two weeks after my surgery I would have my two therapists that work for me come in and give me 30 mins of massage, hips down. I could only stand 30 minutes because my nervous system was just turning back on and everything was excruciating. If you bumped the bed or moved covers over the surface of my skin it would feel like stabbing pain or like I was on fire. However, stimulus and different textures applied to the nervous system helps it to adapt.
I now have started getting pedicures so that I can continue to allow different textures and temperatures to help heal my nervous system.”

Ariel on Pain and Healing

“Here’s the thing about healing, it’s uncomfortable. I mean, it can be REALLY uncomfortable. We usually say that growth is uncomfortable, but I think we (me) forget that growth doesn’t always mean a state of healing is taking place. You can be growing in the wrong direction rather than growing in the right direction. You can have negative growth instead of positive growth. Healing is a state of repair. The unfortunate part of healing is that the end results are never where you began. The fortunate part of healing is that the end results are never where you began. Read that again.

For example, when my nervous system turned back on after my injury, I was ON FIRE. I mean like someone took the lower half of my body and lit me on fire. I thought I was dying. Turns out, I was healing. Lately, I’ve been having a LOT of itching hips down. This is an itch you can’t scratch and satisfy. This is the nervous system repairing itself. Turns out, I’m healing.

When God told me he was going to heal me I never once thought it would include a LOT of uncomfortable times. I’m uncomfortable physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. BUT, I’m healing!”

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