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Assessing Knee Pain

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Timecode for Assessment tests:

0:32  Medial Collateral Ligament – Valgus Stress Test

2:00  Lateral Collateral Ligament – Varus Stress Test

2:50  Anterior Cruciate Ligament – Anterior Drawer Test

3:40  Posterior Cruciate Ligament – Posterior Drawer Test

3:55  Meniscus – McMurray’s Test

5:23  Meniscus – Apley Compression Test

5:50  MCL, LCL – Apley Distraction Test

6:25  Patellofemoral Compression Test

7:07  Tibial Torsion

I wish to thank James Waslaski for the information on Tibial Torsion. I highly recommend his orthopedic massage workshops and his excellent DVD on knee pain.


Information about treating the problems that you assess may be found at:



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