April 8, 2023

Craig’s Test

Craig’s Test is a test for femoral anteversion.

Have your client prone on the table with their knee flexed to 90 degrees. Palpate the greater trochanter, then rotate your client’s femur through full ranges of internal and external rotation and note the angle at which the greater trochanter is most lateral. Ideally, this should be between 8 and 15 degrees of internal rotation.

Personal fitness trainers often recommend doing squats with the feet pointed forward. If the person they are training has femoral anteversion or retroversion, doing squats with the feet pointed forward may put more stress on their knees.

In the video, I show a way of working with the muscle attachments at the greater trochanter while rotating the femur. This should not be done if any pain is felt around the greater trochanter, as the pain may be from trochanteric bursitis. Massaging this area may aggravate bursitis.

Pictures of anatomical variations of bones are at https://paulgrilley.com/bones

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