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Side Lying Massage

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Everything in the Side Lying Massage DVD is in the Massage Library, as well as the complete contents of my other four DVDs; Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, and Massage Cupping.

The advantage to owning the DVD is that it can play like a slide show with looping video clips of the individual techniques. This helps with learning as you can take the time to learn each technique before progressing to the next technique.

You can purchase the Side Lying Massage DVD and Workbook here:


Amanda Wongsonegoro on 10/10/2014
4 reviews
I found Dr. Mally’s side lying DVD easy to navigate and study. I especially liked the technique to release Pec Minor. I incorporate his approaches into my session daily. Amanda Wongsonegoro~CA Licensed CMT
Dawn Hay, L.M.T. on 02/09/2014
4 reviews
I have the Side Lying Massage DVD and the Workbook as well. Since incorporating these techniques, I have been able to help more of my clients relieve their pain once and for all. People who I had not been able to break through with before have benefitted greatly when I utilized Dr. Mally’s unique approach. I refer to these two valuable tools often and the fact that the DVD can be on “Perpetual Play” makes the techniques very easy to learn and practice. I highly recommend the purchase of the DVD and Workbook together. Your clients will thank you for it! Dawn Hay, L.M.T. – Ankeny, Iowa
Jody McComas on 02/09/2014
4 reviews
Once again Dr. Mally has developed a masterful set of learning tools in the Side Lying Massage DVD set along with the Companion Workbook. The techniques are in depth with valuable information to get the most out of each technique as well as self care for the therapist. All aspects are covered from client comfort and draping to how to put it all together. The DVD lay out is awesome. You can easily move from technique to technique or one of the coolest features is the looping section which is great for practice sessions. The workbook is a great tool in itself. It is in the form of a “Tri Stand” which can be set on a table or chair and viewed easily for practice time. The information is delivered in a manner that is easy to understand and again, complete. I have had the Honor of working with Dr. Mally and his Teaching Tools for many years and they just keep getting better. I highly recommend this Side Lying set as well as his other offerings.
Mike Sweet, CMT on 17/08/2014
4 reviews
I liked your side lying DVD. Great presentation of advanced massage strokes that free shoulder, neck, arm and hip, that is easy to watch, follow and remember. I have a large library of massage DVDs and this one has the best presentation of all of them. – Mike Sweet CMT – Loomis, CA

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