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Deep Tissue Massage – DVD and Workbook

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  • Our DVDs are enhanced with Perpetual Play™, so that techniques will continuously play as you practice.

DVD: Deep Tissue Massage

A compendium of over 50 massage techniques for massage therapists including specific massage techniques for headaches, sciatic pain, slipped bicipital tendon, rotator cuff, thoracic outlet syndrome, menstrual cramps, etc.

This state of the art DVD includes:

  • over 50 easy to use massage techniques that will allow you to work deeper and more effectively with less effort.
  • neck techniques viewed from a below the table perspective
  • relevant anatomy is shown with a 3D computerized model of a human skeleton superimposed on the client
  • common problems with body mechanics
  • specific massage techniques for headaches, sciatic pain, slipped bicipital tendon, rotator cuff, thoracic outlet syndrome, menstrual cramps, etc.

These massage videos can help refine and refocus the Deep Tissue techniques of an established practitioner but at the same time are perfect for a new massage student who wishes to further their learning of correct techniques from a well-respected practitioner.  This DVD and Workbook combination make a great resource for any massage therapy library.


Deep Tissue Massage Workbook

Cover: The Workbook


The companion workbook contains more detailed information on the massage techniques and pictures from the video. The workbook has a page for each technique with pictures from the video, as well as indications, cautions, and instructions for each technique. It sets up as a stand so that it can be used next to the students’ treatment table to aid in practicing the techniques.

NCBTMB Continuing Education Credits Available
You can get 12 hours of continuing education credits studying with these materials through the
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5 reviews for Deep Tissue Massage – DVD and Workbook

  1. Judith Aston

    The workbook and video are well designed and easy to follow with useful information and clear demonstrations. Dr. James Mally’s work is immediately applicable for the massage therapist.
    Judith Aston
    Founder – Aston Patterning
    Incline Village, NV

  2. Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

    To Massage Professionals,
    I highly recommend Dr. Mally’s Deep Tissue Massage video and workbook for massage therapists who want to continue their education to work deeper and more effectively.
    The instruction is clear and concise with simple thorough explanations, making the techniques easy to learn. The videography and computer graphics enable a hands-on practitioner to understand and visualize anatomical dynamics involved in each bodywork application.
    The flip-chart style of the accompanying workbook enables a practitioner to follow the valuable instructions of the video. Together, this handy reference gives an at-a-glance review of the individual techniques to use during practice.
    The Deep Tissue Massage Video and Workbook is a sound investment for bodyworkers and massage therapists interested in learning more hands-on techniques that work with specific muscular and structural body mechanics.
    Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
    Acupressure Institute
    Berkeley, CA
    (510) 845-1059

  3. Myk Hungerford, Ph.D.

    Dear Dr. Mally,
    This letter is to acknowledge and compliment you for your great work regarding Deep Tissue Massage.
    Putting your vast knowledge and skills on video is a great boon to mankind.
    The corresponding manual is comprehensive, well laid out and compliments the video in depth.
    Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. There is a saying, a man who gives of his riches gives from the heart and is great; the man who gives of himself gives from the soul and is godly. You have truly given of yourself.
    Myk Hungerford, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    American Institute of Massage Therapy, Inc.
    Costa Mesa, CA
    (714) 642-0735

  4. Dietrich W. Miesler, M.A.

    In an exceptionally well organized work, Dr. Mally introduced DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE to the massage therapist in a thorough 90 minute video. What I find most impressive is the uniformly clear photography of the individual phases of deep tissue massage. By example rather than explanation, Dr. Mally dispels the general concept of deep tissue massage as something invasive and painful. To the contrary, Dr. Mally’s demonstration shows that deep tissue work is largely based on proper positioning of the body and application of the right leverage. His approach convinces me that quite a number of the applications are even suitable for aged people. This is especially important for the emerging specialty of Geriatric Massage. As if his terrific video is not enough, Dr. Mally wrote a companion book which goes into even more detail. I enthusiastically endorse "Deep Tissue Massage with Dr. Mally" as by far the best produced instructional video that I know, with thoroughly professional contributions by all participants. – Bravo, Dr. Mally.
    Dietrich W. Miesler, M.A.
    Director of Geriatric Massage Project
    Guerneville, CA
    (707) 869-0632

  5. Bill Flocco

    Once in a while an educational video comes along that is all that it promises and more. "Deep Tissue Massage" with Dr. James Mally is such a video.

    "Deep Tissue Massage" is well structured, well thought out and very well presented. Much preparation must have gone into making this video because it looks as if it were done effortlessly. The quality of the demonstrations is superb, the anatomical illustrations and use of three-dimensional teaching aids are the best I have seen, and it’s state of the art computer graphics substantially enhance the video.

    While using a soothing voice, author Mally demonstrates a command of the subject of deep tissue massage, showing over 55 different procedures, each with excellent introduction, demonstration and cautions. At times the video presents a viewpoint through Plexiglas material to show hand positions and strokes that would otherwise impossible to see.

    The workbook features high-quality graphics and an easy-to-follow text. This user-friendly book closely follows the video step by step throughout the presentation.

    Experienced massage therapists who want to deepen their knowledge, skills, and ability in helping their clients will gain rich and valuable information from this presentation. Other health care providers such as physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors will acquire additional vital insights on how to more effectively help their patients.

    This video’s use as a self-study tool as well as a teaching aid for the classroom is exemplary. In short, this video and book are signifigant contributions, are interesting and informative, may be used together or separately, and would enhance the work of even the most experienced bodywork practitioner. I highly recommend this video and accompanying book.

    Bill Flocco
    Massage Magazine
    March/April 1997 Issue

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