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Resistance Release Upper Extremities DVD with Deane Juhan


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  • Our DVDs are enhanced with Perpetual Play™, so that techniques will continuously play as you practice.

Resistance Release Work derives from the early rehabilitation work of Dr. Milton Trager. Its effects go far beyond relaxation and stress release. It is a method of actively re-coordinating extensive muscle groups, establishing new patterns of posture and movement, freeing restrictions and alleviating discomfort or pain. It is not simply a “treatment,” but a learning. Practitioner and client actively co-create the feel and performance of more synergistic muscular responses to resistance, and together they develop a more complete coordination of all the elements that contribute to any stance or gesture. The results are a greater sense of ease and freedom, as well a profound sense of the new strength that better organization provides. The goals are an overall improvement in psycho-physical integration, and a renewed awareness of our internal resources.

Deane Juhan

Deane Juhan is the author of Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork. He has been a professional bodyworker, teacher and author for 39 years. His career began at Esalen Institute in 1974 where was a member of the Esalen massage crew for 18 years. He studied personally with Dr. Milton Trager from 1978 until Dr. Trager’s death in 1992.

In addition to teaching the Trager Approach, Deane Juhan has developed classes in anatomy and physiology for bodyworkers, and presents them in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. He currently resides and practices in the San Francisco East Bay area.

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1 review for Resistance Release Upper Extremities DVD with Deane Juhan

  1. Jim Wakefield

    Deane Juhan’s “Resistance Release – Upper and Lower Extremities” DVDs delivers powerful, informative techniques in a clear, concise manner. “Resistance Release” will dramatically improve upon, and add to any therapist’s own current skill set. This innovative approach dramatically improves muscular re-coordination while adding strength to the affected area.

    Since integrating Deane’s techniques into my practice, I have noticed a profound difference in outcomes. Deane’s approach is easy to watch and follow along with. The DVD’s include “Perpetual Play”, an exceptional added benefit for review and practice.

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