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HIp Flexor Stretch

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In this video Sydney Brahm shows ways to stretch the hip flexors and strengthen the glutes to help with low back pain.

Key Points:

1. Keep toe, heel, ankle, and knee all aligned with hip as if on a train track.

2. Contract your gluteus maximus (bum) and your lower abdomen to tuck your hips slightly under during the duration of this stretch

3. Hold the contraction and the stretch simultaneously for a minimum of 30 seconds before switching to the other side.

4. To help the stretching muscle to release, add relaxation breathing: exhale 2x longer than inhale


Sydney Brahm is an athlete, certified fitness professional, certified nutrition consultant, and certified brainspotting clinician. She began teaching exercise in 1987. Recognizing that nutrition was often the missing link to people’s success, she added nutrition consulting to her services by 1997 and other modalities, like brainspotting, to assist with the stress management component of health. She has achieved 10 different fitness certifications, 3 nutrition certifications, and 2 brainspotting certifications, in addition to her college education in Kinesiology and Health Science. Sydney has over 10 years of post-rehab experience through working with chiropractic patients and has taught exercise and nutrition to a variety of populations including those with differences such as the blind, dwarfism, hearing impaired, etc. She has studied the most popular nutrition approaches and has a unique understanding of the complexities of nutrition combined with energy and performance. Combining the most successful techniques with her experience, Sydney has developed a unique, targeted approach to health that gets dramatic results. Sydney believes that having good health is the foundation and direct link between quality of life and happiness.

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