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MET for Hip Flexors and Extensors

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All stretching should be pain-free


This technique simultaneously stretches the hip flexors on one side and the hip extensors on the other side.

Have your client lying supine on the table so that one leg hangs off the side of the table and the other leg is up so that their foot can press into your hand

Place a hand on your client’s knee and press the knee toward the floor. Press forward with your other hand so that the other knee goes toward their chest. Bring your client to a position of maximum stretch, then ask them to press with 10% of their strength for 10 seconds, pushing their foot into your hand, and their other knee up toward the ceiling. After they push for 10 seconds, have the move in the opposite direction into a greater stretch, and assist them with that stretch.

Treatment for Pelvic Torsion

If one leg appears longer than the other, a common cause is torsion of the pelvis in which one side of the pelvis is rotated forward compared to the other side. This makes the acetabulum lower, and the leg appears longer.

To use this technique for pelvic torsion, we want the pelvis on the long leg side to rotate back, so we would stretch the hip extensors. The pelvis on the short leg side needs to rotate forward, so we stretch the hip flexors.

I also will do some stretching in the opposite way, so my client will feel balanced, but I will do most of the stretching in the direction that is needed.


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