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Pectoralis Doorway Stretch

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Download a printable pdf file of this self-care technique here: 

Pectoralis Doorway Stretch



Rounded shoulders, upper back and neck tension.


Relax into this stretch slowly. Do not bounce into the stretch as it can tear muscles. Stop if there is any pain, as this stretch should be pain free.


Stand in a doorway with your arms overhead. Slowly move forward until you feel a gentle stretch. Press your elbows into the doorway frame at 10% of your strength for 10 seconds. That will fatigue the pecs.

Engage your rhomboids to move your elbows back, then move forward in the doorway to a new position of stretch and repeat.

Arms overhead – stretches lower pecs

Arms parallel to floor – stretches middle pecs

Elbows below shoulders – stretches upper pecs



Suzanne M commented on 28-Jun-2012 08:18 AM5 out of 5 stars
Thank you Dr Mally! You are the bomb diggity!



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