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Pudendal Nerve Impingement

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The pudendal nerve originates from the S2-S4 nerve roots. It goes through the greater sciatic notch, over the sacrospinous ligament, under the sacrotuberous ligament, then through the lesser sciatic notch. It can be impinged between the sacrospinous and sacrotuberous ligaments.

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Symptoms of pudendal neuralgia include:

Painful Sitting
Genital Pain
Perineal Pain
Rectal Pain
Painful Sex
Dull Ache


Opposite side – place your thumbs under the medial side of the sacrotuberous ligament then lift and traction the ligament lateral and superior.

Same side – hook your fingers around the medial side of the sacrotuberous ligament and pull laterally while rocking the sacrum away from you.

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