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Hip Stretch Foot On Knee

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This is a variation on the hip stretch, shown in both the Swedish Massage DVD and Deep Tissue Massage DVD.

With your client supine, have their hip flexed and their knee flexed as much as possible. Place your client’s foot on your knee, then pull your clients knee to gently lift the clients hip off the table. You can take your client’s leg into abduction and adduction to stretch the hip in different ways.

This stretch is often felt in the hip or in the low back. Some clients will feel this stretch in their Soleus or Achilles tendon. Clients will feel it in the area that they are tightest.

Occasionally I have had clients that don’t feel anything with the hip stretch or with this stretch. It can be because they are already flexible and do not need the stretch. 

Thank you to Jonianne Jeanette for sharing this technique with me.


Clients with ostroporosis or risk factors for osteoporosis
Clients with hip replacement surgery


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