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Resistance Release Work

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This is a 5-minute introduction by Deane Juhan of resistance release work.

A longer (32 minute) explanation of resistance release work is at:

Video of resistance release work sessions may be found at:

Resistance Release work is an innovative approach developed by Deane Juhan, based in large measure upon the rehabilitative techniques of Dr. Milton Trager.

Functionally, we are really one muscle that is divided up by the connective tissue structures into different compartments in order to provide specific vectors of motion and coordinated groups of motor units.  We are not robots with hinges, cables and pulleys, but shape-changers, and any gesture involves the participation of wide-spread muscular supports and motivators.

Resistance/Release work is designed to re-coordinate our musculature as a whole and to train more efficient and effective recruitments of muscular contractions and lengthenings involved in any position or movement, from feet to head and from sleeve to core.  The result is dramatically improved muscular coordination, adding both ease and strength to all of our activities.

DVDs on Resistance Release work are available at

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susan hayes commented on 09-Oct-2011 08:32 AM5 out of 5 stars
Great info!!! So excited to explore this!

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