January 18, 2019

Low Back Pain Techniques

These are techniques shared in my low back pain workshop. Assessment should be done first to determine which techniques to use.

Muscle Strain Treatment

Low Back Muscle Spasm

Leg Length Balancing for Pelvic Torsion

Checking Leg Lengths

Frog Leg Stretch

Balancing at Pubic Symphysis

Balancing at Pubic Symphysis – with client movement

Pelvic Balancing – Muscle Energy Technique

Quadratus Lumborum – Side Lying

Quadratus Lumborum – Hip Hike

Spiral Line Stretch – Side Lying

Quadratus Lumborum – Sitting


Sacroiliac Joint Release

Hip Glide

Hip Extension Assessment – Janda

Hip Flexor Facilitated Stretch – Prone

Glute Activation

Hip Flexor Facilitated Stretch – Supine

Hip Flexor Facilitated Stretch – Side Lying

Iliacus Release

Muscle Energy Technique for Low Back

Sciatica Supine


Knee into Trochanter

Piriformis, Deep Six Prone

Sacrotuberous Ligament

Psoas Stretch

Low Back Joint Mobilization

Dermal Traction Method for Cluneal Nerve

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